Saturday, February 7, 2009

The dodgy gets dodgier

The stink of sheer dodginess that is the nationalisation of Anglo Irish just got a hell of a lot worse.

The Irish Examiner reports today that "members of the cabinet were asked whether they had loans from Anglo Irish Bank. Six ministers refused to answer".

Now if it turns out that any of the Cabinet had sizeable loans from Anglo Irish we can safely expect that the Local and European elections scheduled for June 5th will see the late arrival of a ballot for General Elections.

On other Irish Examiner news, I was quoted yesterday in it. This "Fianna Fail hacks" comment led NCA board member Eddie Hobbs to contact the paper irate that, he was being called a hack. Apparently that it was somebody from Sinn Féin upset him even more :)

Maybe he could spend his time reflecting on whether its appropriate taking professional fees from a statutory body is a board member of.

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