Thursday, March 5, 2009

Like it, love it

A bunch of media today have an interesting poll done in Britain about books and reading habits.

One of the poll findings was around books that people claim to have read, but didn't.

Nineteen Eighty Four tops the list of non read books. The story caught my eye as I was recently in Dublin's best bookshop, Chapters in Parnell Street and was looking for a book to buy. I ended up buying Brave New World by Huxley a book that until I started to scan in the shop had always assumed I read. I hadn't.

A similar exercise can be done with bands.

I have found myself over the years agreeing with someone on the merits of some band - but really not being 100% sure clear what they actually sound like.

My favourite, not sure if I have actually heard them, bands are;

American Music Club.
Pere Ubu.

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