Monday, May 5, 2008


A bank holiday seemed like a good a day as any to finally get around to opening a blog.

Although I have had a web presence for a number of years I was always a little sceptical of the benefit, to local constituents or myself, of posting up detailed parochial issues with earnestism being the primary emotion. In addition the formats available through the web hosting company were stale and inflexible, meaning I needed to open a new tab for each new local issue. This made quick posting and commentary difficult.

As I am only a local Councillor and the web has a global reach the web seemed to be the wrong tool to use to highlight local work carried out or flag issues of concern. The tried (even tired!) and tested newsletter and door knock are both expected and effective.

So I decided that my homepage should be just a business card with contact details, a biog and a gallery of relevant pics.

This blog's aim is to comment on wider issues, I intend to use local issues to highlight some of the problems in local government that I think are emblamatic of a wider statis in administration in the state.

I also use the blog just to comment and give my tuppence worth on......well whatever.

As for comments, feel free to post, I'll try and respond but that subject to having time, the comment making sense and generally being arsed. I will delete offensive or libellious stuff.

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